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Pedestrian Precinct - Carmageddon 2 - A good Carma 2 news site, updated regularly. MangoHead's site. (Nicely designed, I snarled jealously).
Carmageddon Fan Club Mass' site
Carmageddon Universe Speedy's site
Hall of Maimreplay site
Crash and Burn Crimson's site
Blood on the Highway Napalm X's site ( I know it's a Mac site, this game was coded on a Mac)
Scofflaw Software formerly the Carmagedit home page

other driving games

N.I.C.E. Driving Game
Need For Speed 3
Need For Speed ONLINE

general game stuff

3dfx Mania
TCN - Total Conversion Net
Welcome to Imagine Games Network
Welcome to PC Zone OnLine!
PC Zone Games reviews
Ghost In The Shell TC


Auto Museum - The Automotive Enthusiast Source
Boyds Wheels
Buick Riviera
CJ's Scale Auto Modeling Corner
Detail Master Web Site Home Page
G.McDowell's Auto Hobby Page
Guillermo's Gallery automotive art
Martijn's Ford Page...
My Virtual Reference Desk - Automotive Resources
Roadsters Automotive and Motorcycle Artists
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